Custodes Kill Team

First part of the #4in4 challenge at @asgardwargamesboro. 1 unit per week over 4 weeks. Decided to do a Custodes unit for either Kill Team or 40k. Not played either (sorry!). Really enjoyed painting these, and could be convinced to do some more.

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Asgard 30 in 30

First post for @asgardwargamesboro #Asgard30in30 challenge. The aim is to complete 30 models (or 30 power level) by the 5th December. I’m going a tad out of my comfort zone and aiming to have the Necron half of the 40K Indomitus box set done. I’ve got a colour scheme in mind, that should be fairly easy to replicate. Hopefully my poly cement arrives from Amazon tomorrow 🙂

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Took these guys for a spin today. Love the open War cards and the Corsair Maniple. Still think Acastus are a bit over the top. Have some ideas on how I’d house rule them, but that’s another post. Thanks to @platypus_paints for another cracking game of Floor Hammer. #lividfishpaints #adeptustitanicus #xestobiax #xestyisbesty #30k #reavertitan #acastusknightporphyrion #cerastusknightlancer #playfullypainted

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A little bit of floorhammer whilst there was opportunity. Imperator looks great alongside an Axiom and the rules we used capture the flavour really well. Not overpowered and just the right balance of risk versus reward. Highlight was having a kill shot on a Warbringer overruled by the machine spirit which then proceeded to roflstomp a reaver into non existence instead! Fun game with @platypus_paints #lividfishpaints #adeptustitanicus #imperatortitan #30k #floorhammer #horusheresy

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A New Start

Well, it feels like an age since I first set this site up. I had originally thought about setting it up as a portfolio site for my web-based design and development work, but if I’m being honest about myself (and that may become a recurring theme in time), there is a lot more to me than the work on the web would suggest.

I’m on what many would say is a voyage of self *re*discovery. Without going into detail. last year (give or take a few) was tough on our family for a multitude of reasons – physical, mental, emotional – you get the picture.

Anyway, self discovery – finding myself again – re-balancing. Whatever you want to call it, here are so many facets to explore > thats what I’m going to do, and I’ll be taking notes on the way. So, lets get started – and hopefully find some cool stuff along the way!

The obligatory first post!

So, what to write, what to write. I’m sure a great many authors started their seminal tomes with a similar thought. I’m still not sure which direction I want to take things in here. At the minute ™, I’m thinking of keeping things fairly personal and informal – probably as near to the pure ‘blog’ as I can get.

So, what kind of things can you expect?  I think my facebook summary covers it pretty well…..

Dad, full time IT geek, server admin, gamer. Spare time photographer, painter, modeller.

Hopefully, there’s something in there for you. If not, it might be worth hanging around anyway – who know’s what we’ll end up getting into.

Thanks for reading 🙂